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About Monty G. White, Jr.

Monty G. White, Jr. is a follower and believer in God and his son Jesus. He regularly attends the Church of Christ in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  As a young man in his teenage years, he witnessed his parents rip each other to shreds in a brutal divorce.  At an early age, he was forced to choose one side or the other.  He chose to follow his father.  This decision totally and completely separated him from his two sisters who chose to stay with their mother.

In his early twenties, God blessed him with a lovely wife and four beautiful children. 

First, as a baby, Monty's oldest daughter was hospitalized with a rare bacterial infection while traveling through Dallas, Texas.  The doctors told Monty that his daughter must be suffering from a failure of her immune system and she would probably have to live like "the girl in the bubble."  Fortunately, God had other plans as Monty's daughter recovered and is perfectly healthy and is currently in college.

As time marched on, the doctors explained his second oldest daughter had heart failure and would not make it.  God saw him through.  After she recovered, she was diagnosed with "PJRT", a congenital "short circuiting" condition of the heart that caused the problem in the first place.  By 1995, technology had advanced to the point where she was able to be "cured" via a new catheterization surgery at Atlanta's Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.  She is now healthy and in college.

Then doctors told him his oldest son was autistic and would need to be institutionalized for life.  God saw him through.  Later, with special help, this son graduated high school with honors.

Unfortunately, these problems were too much for his young wife.  She left Monty after almost six years with four children to raise, the youngest was just a baby.  They soon divorced.  Without any child support, Monty raised these children while running and building a business.

But God smiled upon Monty and blessed him with a wonderful, smart new wife.  She selflessly took up the difficult task of raising four children who were not her own.  And God wanted to give Monty more so God blessed him with three more children, a boy and two girls.  With seven children, Monty and his new wife worked hard to build his business and expanded into other businesses.  He eventually invested in commercial real estate.  He built him a sprawling house of many acres in the heart of Marietta, Georgia.  He watched from his back porch as the children splashed in the large pool and had everything he never had as a child.  He prayed for their protection and well-being as they started going to college and driving cars.  Then the doctors told him his youngest daughter could not hear and would need hearing aids for the rest of her life. It was yet another tough blow.

Yet Monty continued to pray to Jesus.

God then decided to test Monty further and deeper in his faith.  Monty's second wife decided to leave him and go to live in another state to start a new life.  Fortunately, she left the children with Monty.  But it was a tough blow after being married seventeen years to be alone again.

And that is where Monty found himself:  a successful businessman with seven children to raise....alone.  Thus Monty found out one day that his plans for life don't always match up with God's plans for his life.  Then, like a lightning bolt from the out of the blue, Monty was inspired to set up this website and promote the word of God and his son Jesus.

Perhaps God will bless Monty with another wife.  Perhaps not.  Either way, Monty is inspired to do God's work.  We hope you get much from the messages within.  God Bless. 

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